FunGeneDB: a web-based tool for Polyporales strains authentication

FunGeneDB was designed to facilitate the molecular identification of Polyporales, based on Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS). FunGeneDB combines a curated DNA database extracted from GenBank with symilarity search tool BLASTn program

Today (Last release in May 2016), the database contains 5473 candidate sequences, represented 163 genus and 830 species of Polyporales fungi.
Only 4212 sequences were accepted (23 % rejected), represented 154 genus and 747 species.
There are 730 reference sequences (fully identified ITS sequences for which a voucher, strain or specimen, has been deposited in a public-access collection) of Polyporales order, representative of 152 genus and 707 species

The FunGene classification reposed to The Dictionnary of the Fungi (currently 10th edition, 2008) published by CABI Publishing
The Dictionnary of the Fungi contains the current consensus on the fungal taxonomic hierarchy from the rank of Kingdom.

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